Today was Rob's last meeting as President. We all thank him for an excellent year and welcome Sean for an excellent year to come. Here are some final thoughts from Rob:
Come join us tomorrow morning for my final morning meeting as your President.  It has been a crazy year! I always said I would never join a club that would have me for a member let alone President. The truth is though that we have a great club made up of a really great mix of interesting, hard working caring people. It has truly been an honor to have led you this year. It is not the end I was looking for but I guess it will have to do.
We have accomplished a lot this year. Together we have served food at the Open door and the First Baptist Church of Beverly on numerous occasions . We Donated $5000 for the new ball field project in Essex. We gave away $10,000 in scholarships. we supported Cape Anne Plainaire and concerts in the park.  When we were stricken by a pandemic the club donated $5000 to the Cape Anne Food Pantry and Beverly Boot Straps. Then we wrote a district grant for another $1000 which went to The Open Door Food Pantry as well as numerous smaller contributions to local causes in and around the North Shore. These are just a few of the things off the top of my head, but it is actions like these that make me proud to be a Rotarian, your President and your friend. 
My first few months as president, was spent organizing several very strong committees to do the heavy lifting for all the work we do. Many hands make light work. This is my legacy to our club. When it is your turn to step up to the plate to lead the club don't be afraid to make that commitment. We all have busy lives with family, jobs, businesses and hobbies that are important to us. All the help you will ever  need is already there. We have more active past Presidents for help and guidance than a lot of  clubs have members. We have a fantastic mix of vibrant members who are willing and able to do their fair share. 
I have enjoyed every minute of my year and I want to send a special thanks to Chris Shea for giving me the nudge that gave me the confidence to step up. I have learned a lot about my self and would not have missed it, even these last few months, for the world. Thank you all for your commitment to Rotary and our club in particular. Manchester -Essex Rotary Rocks!!!.  My best to all of you. Rob