Mar 23, 2022 7:00 AM
Francisco J. Barrera

Francisco J. Barrera


Studying Epidemiology at the Harvard “T.H. Chan” School of Public Health

Francisco Barrera (Frank) recently finished medical school and is currently studying a master’s degree in Epidemiology at the Harvard’s “T.H. Chan" School of Public Health for which his full tuition was covered with a Rotary Scholarship Global Grant.

Frank was born and raised in Monterrey, which a city located in the state of Nuevo Leon, in Mexico. He is 25 years old and studied medicine at the state university (Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon) and got involved in research since the beginning of his career as a medical student.

Frank is interested in applying epidemiological methods to psychiatric and metabolic diseases in order to understand better the prognosis of both groups of diseases and be able to generate knowledge that can improve the clinical practice worldwide.

After completing his master’s degree he will undergo medical training in psychiatry. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball, hiking, biking, playing chess, and watching movies or TV shows.