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The Manchester-Essex Rotary Club will be awarding scholarships to deserving Manchester-Essex residents. Applications must be postmarked no later than March 31, 2020 to be considered.
The scholarships are given to assist local students in meeting the expenses associated with furthering their education. Scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors and preparatory school students who will be enrolling as full-time students in a degree granting program in the Fall of 2020. The following criteria will be applied in selecting scholarship awardees:
  1. Students who attend Manchester-Essex Regional High School OR students who attend a High School other than MERHS with parent(s) or legal guardian(s) residing in Manchester or Essex,Massachusetts.
  2. The Manchester Essex Rotary Club is a community service organization. Accordingly, we place a great deal of value on students who are active throughout their high school careers in community service activities. Applicants are encouraged to include as much information about community service performed on their applications as possible!
  3. Academic achievement will be an important consideration in the evaluation of candidates.
A copy of your High School Transcript is required.
  1. The financial needs of each student will be reviewed and will be an important consideration in the choice of scholarship recipients. Therefore, all applicants are required to submit a copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) portion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The information to be considered include gross family income, debt, equity, etc. Extenuating financial considerations or hardships should be explained. Applications submitted without this information will not be considered.
  2. The experience of the student in extra-curricular activities and in providing community service will also be an important consideration.
Members of the Scholarship Committee of the Manchester-Essex Rotary Club will interview finalists for an award. The interview is an essential part of the decision-making process. The Manchester-Essex Rotary Club will interview selected finalists in late April and will make the final determination of scholarship awards after the interview, review of the candidates’ past academic activities, extra-curricular activities, demonstrated financial need, and letters of recommendation.
Completed applications must include a copy of high school transcript, SAR/FAFSA info, and two (2) letters of recommendation postmarked by the March 31 deadline to: Manchester-Essex Rotary Club, P.O. Box 403, Manchester, MA 01944.
Failure to include all required documents will disqualify applicants from consideration.


  1. Name______________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Birthdate________________________________________
  3. Address  _________________________________________
City                                                    State                         Zip                                                           
Email Address                                                
  1. High School(s) attended (after Grade 8)Year of Graduation  
  1. To what colleges or trade schools have you applied? Check if you have beenaccepted.
1st choice                                                                                                                                                                    
2nd choice                                                      
3rd choice                                                                      
  1. Please state the estimated costs for the college/trade school of your choice as published in the school
Name of School                                                                                                     
  1. List financial resources available or anticipated for your first year of college/tradeschool.
  1. Have you applied for other financial assistance? Please specify.
Employer                                                                  Position                                                                              
Annual Gross Salary $                           
Employer                                                                  Position                                                                              
Annual Gross Salary $                           
  • Other Household Income$                             
11. Name of Sibling(s)
School Attending
Is he/she currently enrolled in college?
If yes,what is expected year of graduation?
  1. Indicate out-of-school activities such as volunteer work and paid work experience,extra- curricular activities, and honors received. Attach page if necessary.
  1. Please describe your vocational or academic goals. What achievements would you hopeto accomplish? Attach page if necessary.
  1. Please state the reasons why you think you should receive a Manchester-Essex Rotary Scholarship. Note that Rotary International is a community service organization, and special consideration is given to those with a record of outstanding community service. Attach page if necessary.
  1. Please list two references. Indicate name, address, phone number, and relationship to the applicant.
Include a school administrator or teacher, and one other person who has supervised you as a worker or volunteer. Ask each to send a letter of recommendation to the Manchester-Essex Rotary Club Foundation, P.O. Box 403, Manchester, MA 0194 to be postmarked by the March 31, 2020 deadline.

16.  On a separate sheet of paper, please provide details of any extenuating circumstances you or your family have experienced which may further qualify you for this award.

Please submit the following materials with this application:
  1. A transcript of high school courses completed at this time.
  2. Copy of the Student Aid Report (SAR) portion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). When copying the SAR from the FAFSA web site, please click the “Print” linkto print a report showing the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and the application information. If you are selected for an interview, you will be asked to submit a copy of any college financial aid award letters you have received.
  3. Be certain that two letters of reference are included or have been sent.

4.  On a separate sheet please prepare a brief essay outlining your community service activities, and how they have impacted your high school experience.

Failure to include all above required documents will disqualify applicants from consideration. Materials must be postmarked by the March 31, 2020 deadline. Please mail all materials to:
Manchester-Essex Rotary Club Scholarship Foundation
P.O. Box 403 Manchester, MA 01944
                                                                                                   Date      Applicant’s Signature